Wednesday, August 15, 2007

That old Ravelry Magic has you under it's spell...

Ravelry. The best idea to ever ruin a knitter. Take several thousand needle clicking, yarn stashing, pattern collecting enablers, and put them on a website together. Give them forums to write in, and databases to organize their stash and projects in. Let them make their own clubs, each with their own forums. Give them a way to look at everyone else's stash and patterns and WIPs and FOs. Yes, I said look. They have linked up Flickr so you can take pictures of every lovely ball of yarn you own. Using LibraryThing you can set up bookcases with all your favorite Designers, and Pattern Houses represented.
Did I mention pictures... that you can browse thru.... search thru patterns, yarns, friends, FOs, you can even do a browse of items people have deemed FOuglys.
Did I mention forums.... LOTS of forums..... forums based on things you're actually interested in?
Did I mention not a lot of knitting getting done here?
Look for post later today on non-knitting stuff... like the endless job search and bare naked puppies.

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